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Castor wheel rustproof and moisture-proof method
Aug 18, 2018

Here to tell you, do not use strong acid and alkali chemicals to wash the casters, casters steel is more prone to rust than ordinary carbon steel.

If the caster is wet with water, clean it with gasoline or kerosene, then dry it and apply a low viscosity oil or special rust prevention oil to the caster. Rustproof oil on the surface of the castor wheel will form a layer of oil film, oil film will block the air and castor wheel contact, also moisture-proof. Uniform application of anti-rust oil needs to be wrapped with a relatively thick plastic film on the caster, wrap must be close to the castor, can not breathe. A thick layer of kraft paper should also be placed on the plastic film to protect it from moisture and damage after impact. If there is no kraft paper can be replaced by other paper materials. After the caster contact acid or alkali, the above steps should be carried out in time.

When the casters need to be transported long distance, they should be packed according to the above requirements, and then packed in cartons before transport. Besides, it is also necessary to ensure the firmness and tightness of the casters' outer packaging. It is better to add a layer of sealing packaging materials, such as snakeskin bags, to prevent the casters from getting wet after the carton damage and rain in the process of transportation.

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