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Nov 09, 2018

The first questions usually asked pertains to what the total weight to be moved is (includes the weight of the cart or equipment & the lod it will be carrying) and on how many casters .The simple formula is ;divide the total load weight by the mumber of casters or wheels you will use ;that will tell you the load capactiy you will  need for each caster or wheel.

Total load/casters or wheels on cart =Minimum load capacity per caster or wheel

Be aware that the best combination of wheel ,bearings ,and caster frame requires more knowledge than just the load capacity rating .The load capacity rating are based on a speed of up to 4km/h imtermittent usage over smooth floors in ideal operating conditions .Your application is seldom ideal .Do you know that heat generated from a heavy load being moved at a higher spped can cause the bonding agent which holds the tire on the wheel center to break down ?The result can be tire separation and wheel failure .Avoid problems ,before buying the products ,know weel about the load capacity you need.

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