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Maintenance of shock absorber casters from four aspects
Aug 18, 2018

As a user, it is of great significance to the maintenance of the shock absorber casters and can greatly extend the service life of the shock absorber casters.

1. First of all, it should be noted that whether the bracket of the shock absorber and the fasteners of the shock absorber can operate normally, so as to ensure that the flexibility and stability of the shock absorber are not affected, and ensure the normal operation of the shock absorber.

2. The design of the shock absorber wheel is reasonable, and excellent anti-shock spring is selected to avoid the damage caused by vibration when the wheel is working on the concave and convex ground.

3. Check whether the elastic condition of the shock absorber wheel is suitable, and remove the debris carried by the shock absorber wheel during operation, which is the normal operation of the shock absorber wheel.

4. Pay attention to the regular lubrication of the components of the shock absorber, reduce the service life of the shock absorber due to friction loss, and improve the performance of the shock absorber.

Above is the maintenance method of the shock absorber casters, the use of shock absorber casters will have a clearer understanding of the future, and hope to help you.

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