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Caster Development
Aug 18, 2018

As more and more objects need to be moved and rotated nowadays, casters are more widely used and more convenient for people to carry weight in work or life.

In ancient times, someone invented the wheel and solved the transportation problem in ancient times. However, it was still very hard in terms of physical strength and control direction. With the gradual development of the world, now more convenient casters are also invented, which has made great breakthroughs in the driving force and control direction.

In our daily life, it usually appears on the shopping cart of the supermarket, furniture, furniture, furniture and other equipment, as well as the warehouse or logistics company. Casters are generally more suitable for the operation of the ground requirements will be relatively flat, more convenient to promote the operation.

Casters are designed to be driven by forces, with one wheel, two wheels, or more. Mounted on the same plane to drive the principle.

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